Tuesday, January 21, 2014

8 Days

Tick.                                                             Tick.                                                           TICK.

There are 8 days until my lifestyle becomes completely different. Until then, there is a bit of packing, some mental preparation, but most of all, there is time. Time is tricky. I look at the clock, and it looks back. Sometimes it behaves. But mostly it does not.

Time had no problem speeding through first semester of college, but now it is the end of winter break. My agonizing online winterim class is finished, everyone is back in school, and I remain. And now Time, who was in a sprint, is tired.

January 29th through May 5th I will be in Buenos Aires, attending the University of Belgrano. I will be taking a 14 credit intensive Spanish language program with the goal of improving my reading, writing, and flirting skills.

After, I will have about 6 weeks to see what else South America has to offer before flying out of Lima, Peru on July 1st. Of course I'm going to make it back for America's birthday, are you CRAZY?! The hope it to check out Bolivia and Peru, placing an emphasis on seeing the great Amazon Rainforest.

This blog's purpose is to expose to readers the language, culture, politics, and food of our great South American friends. The majority of the blog will take place in Buenos Aires. I will try to update regularly, posting pictures, interesting facts, and my own highly dangerous exploits (just kidding, Mom).

The next post will be about Buenos Aires. What do you want to know about Buenos Aires? Throughout this blog I will be looking to you (the readers!) to tell me what interests you. If there is anything you want to know, or want me to do post a comment, send an email, skype, snapchat, vine, fax, raven, smoke signals etc. I will do my best to respond.

Until then, tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick.


  1. The thing I am most jealous of is your impending command of Spanish, which, although you likely speak better than I do at this point, I'm sure will improve tremendously upon living in that good air.

  2. I cant understand the most recent post... :(

    1. It's a more complex version of morse code.
      Hopefully I will eventually do the same in Chinese.