Monday, May 26, 2014

Quick Update

I had a post written up for the transition from Santiago to Lima, but it does not look like there is enough wifi for me to send it from my tablet, sooooo here is a brief update on where I am in life.

The bus from Santiago to Arica was 33 hours approximately, almost all along the Chilean coast. The landscape was quite impressive and it gave me a lot of time to read and speak some spanish. When I got to Arica I tried to arrange a bus to Cusco where I was planning on WWOOFing, but apparently nobody travels from Arica, but rather Tacna which is just across the Chilean border in Peru. So I stayed a night in Arica which is a pretty neat coastal city. Really any place in Chile is cool. I will not go into the details but after arriving in Tacna and a bit of a fiasco I got boarded a bus to Lima which was another 24 hours the next day. The last couple days sleep has been rather limited and I am excited to finally have made it to a destination. I should also mention that the bus from Tacna to Lima was quite a different experience than from Santiago to Arica. It was serously like everyone on the bus were old friends, joking and laughing the whole way. Even crying. We watched 12 years a slave and a lot of people where crying. I also learned how much desert there is between Santiago and Lima. A lot. A buttload. So much desert. Sandy dry desert. And there are little tiny houses that appeared to me just in the center of it. I do not know how those people survive in a tiny one room house in the middle of nowhere. Seriously, nobody could explain it to me.

Right now I am waiting to get picked up to head to a farm. After the fiasco in Tacna I was put under a lot of pressure to come home early, which may happen. So that is where I am at right now. There is a whole lot more I could say, but at the moment I lack the time.

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